1. Consists of 3-4 members.
  2. Meets once a month via Skype.
  3. Community Group Facilitator leads discussion.
  4. New discussion questions provided monthly. (Focus given to pursuing God’s heart)
  5. Groups last for 1 semester (4 months).

* Note: After semester YCL Community Groups can continue meeting or register to join a different group.


In 1 Kings we read that King Solomon was the wisest person to ever live. He knew strategy, leadership principles, and most likely was charismatic too. When seeing all the splendor of Solomon’s kingdom, the Queen of Sheba said…

“How happy your people must be! How happy your officials, who continually stand before you and hear your wisdom!”

Solomon could have grown a very large church today. He knew all the right things to do, BUT….

He lost his kingdom because HIS HEART turned away from God.

His lack of knowledge wasn’t his downfall. It was his lack of character. And this was a result of….

 Having the wrong community closest to him. (1 Kings 11:3)

As young church leaders we need the right community closest to us. A community of people encouraging us to pursue the heart of God daily.  If we had this type of community, just imagine how God could use us to accomplish His mission. My guess is you might not have that type of community right now. So let’s change that.

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