Author: Andrew Beal

Emotional Health Q & A: Interview with Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is the content director for Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is married to her husband, Kyle, and mom to their two kids. She laughs at herself and with others often. She wrestles with anxiety, and could have written 1 Timothy 1:15-16. She holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies and General Ministry from Cincinnati Christian University. Find her on social media: @annemwilson Young Church Leaders: Tell us a bit about yourself! Anne: I’m married to my husband, Kyle, and we have two kids: Keegan and Eliza. I honestly spend a good chunk of parenting wondering how I was entrusted...

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You Need to Get Over It

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to “get over it?”

How we handle our emotions determines much of the success we have in our lives and careers. Emotions are a good and necessary thing. but does there come a point when they stay in the driver’s seat a little too long?

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5 Excellent Devotionals for Your Time with God

Sometimes spending time with God is harder than it has to be. Other times it seems like a holy conversation with Him is the easiest thing in the world.We all know what makes a good time with God as far as our personal selves go. Some people can only pray while walking outside and others have to sit in a quiet place so they don’t get distracted.Some people need to do it the first thing in the morning and others are naturally wired to be more receptive in the evenings. And still others never need any help knowing how...

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Bringing Your Blindspots Front and Center

No leader ever gets excited about dealing with their blindspots. Do you?   A few years ago, Bill Hybels opened up the Global Leadership Summit by talking about the “intangibles of leadership”, including self-awareness and blindspots.   Hybels reported that according to researchers, we all have about 3.4 blindspots.   Blindspots are those areas that we perceive ourselves to be good or even strong at, but everyone around us knows it couldn’t be farther from the truth.   Since that message, I have often thought of one of my ever-present blindspots—the effect my poker face has on other people....

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