Kels Johnson is a Houston native who has spent his entire life within the confines of a church service (LOL). He is the husband to Hali Trish Johnson. He is the Youth Pastor of RMN+ (REMNANT) YOUTH at Higher Dimension church. Kels brings a fresh approach to the supernatural things of God to create the marriage of the church and pop culture. His philosophy is “You can’t impact something you are disconnected from.”


In this episode, we talk about waiting on God, aligning our hearts with God’s plan for our lives, pop culture, social media and more.

Welcome to episode 43 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


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Takeaways from the Episode

1. We Need to Be Where People Are

Gone are the days where we could expect people to come to us as the church. We need to be where the people we want to reach are. What does that mean for us today according to Kels? It means we need more creatives taking the gospel to places like Instagram, Youtube and other online platforms. If we want people to know how life-changing a relationship with Jesus is, we first need to earn the right to be heard. That only happens through relationship.

2. I Know What to Do, But I Don’t Know When?

Young leaders often know what to do, maybe not exactly how to do it, but, many of us know what God has called us to do. We don’t often know exactly when we’re called to do it. That can be tremendously frustrating. We know what to do, just not when we’re supposed to do it. When that happens, Kels suggests remembering that the same God who called you also knows the timing of your call. 

3. Character is a Matter of Habit – Remain Checkable

Character is a matter of habit – it comes down to what you choose to do routinely and dependably. At the end of the day who you are shows through in what you do. Are you dependable? Are you trustworthy? Do you do what you say you’ll do? One of the keys to accomplishing this in everyday life? Accountability or as Kels put it, “Checkability.” Remain checkable. In everything you do, make sure you have people in your life who can check you. People who will call you out. People who will make sure you’re developing your relationship with Jesus and remaining humble. Who do you have to check you?

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