Dave Adamson is the Social Media and Online Pastor at North Point Ministries, plays guitar, and loves taking photos. You’ve probably seen his Instagram devotions or found his video devotions on Youtube. Dave has a passion for Hebrew and providing people with a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the words we use as Christians.

He once made a living in Australia as a TV reporter for a top-notch sports network but has found his calling in ministry since moving to the US. Dave is also a speaker at numerous conferences and events.

In this episode, we talk about growing our faith, youtube, social media and meaningful connections

Welcome to episode 35 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!

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Takeaways from the Episode

1. Faith Grows in Doubt

Having doubts about God is not uncommon for many people. By studying Jewish culture, Dave slowly realized that it’s okay to have doubts. He mentions that the opposite of faith is not doubt, it’s certainty. In the questioning times of life is when faith will grow immensely. When in Israel, Dave talked about being in a boat, and pointing his arms towards two places: the mount of the Beatitudes and Tiberius. Being able to see and explore places the Bible mentions is a faith shifting experience.

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2. Everyone’s Pathway to God will be Different

Dave mentions this idea of a pathway to God; for him, it is an intellectual pathway. By researching Jewish culture, taking photographs, and sharing his experiences with other, Dave truly connects with God. For his wife, Meg, Dave discusses how she connects with God through nature such as basking in the sun on a beach or grazing the trails in a forest. Everyone will have a pathway to God, but it will also be different for everyone. Regardless of whether it is intellectual, getting into nature, musical worship, serving, or anything else, you need to find your own way to interact and connect with God.

What’s your pathway to God?

3. Rest is Something to Celebrate

If you’re going to take one thing away from this episode, Dave wants it to be this “the commandment to rest is the only commandment that Christians brag about breaking.” So often people will be asked how they are and will reply with “super busy” and “no time for rest.” God put a rhythm of rest in our lives and people need to take that seriously. Dave has learned that resting is a celebration; it’s not about what you’re not doing, it’s about what you get to do!

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