If all you had to reference was the Bible, what would Church look like? Francis Chan joins us today on the podcast to talk about his upcoming book, Letters to the Church, which addresses that very question. Francis is a pastor, speaker and best-selling author. Francis’s love for teaching the Word compelled him to found Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, where he pastored for 16 years. Francis is currently the pastor of We Are Church and is planting churches in Northern California, where he lives with his wife of 25 years, Lisa. They have seven children and one granddaughter.

In this episode, we talk about learning to become the church rather than simply “do church.”

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1. Rethink Church

Francis talks about his new book, Letters to the Church. It answers this simple and yet profound question, “If all you had was the Bible, what would the church look like?” Francis is convinced that we need to reclaim a truly Biblical understanding really is. You can read a sample chapter and pre-order his book here: http://www.letterstothechurchbook.com. Francis talks about the power that was available to early believers and the early church. He also talked about their unity, focus and ability to love one another. Based on his experience as a megachurch pastor in America, and his most recent experience in church planting, Francis challenges current notions of what the church is and what it’s meant to be.

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2. Humility and Intimacy with God

Francis is the first person to admit that leadership is hard and no leader, including himself, is perfect. What is needed is humility and intimacy with God because character can’t be faked. As a leader, you will multiply who you are, not what you do. Similar to how parents influence their children, the leaders you lead will start to look a lot like you. If you’re self-serving, they will be self-serving, if you are humble and serve others, those you lead will do the same.

3. Family and Ministry?

We were able to ask Francis about how ministry has affected his family and how leadership has challenged his role as a husband and father. One of the greatest suggestions he makes is to learn to lead alongside your family. Your children learn from who you are and what you do. They grow to be a lot like you. Model being someone who pursues Jesus. Model someone who is humble and honest. Model someone who experiences intimacy with Jesus.

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