Sarah is the regional director for Young Life in Markham, close to Toronto, Canada. She has a passion for introducing unchurched kids to Jesus and fostering strong discipleship relationships with young leaders. In this episode, Sarah talks about accountability and why it really matters. It’s an open and honest conversation that will really help you grow as a leader. Welcome to episode 29 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!



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1. Defining Accountability

In the church, we often talk about accountability in a way that produces guilt and shame. Accountability for Sarah never includes shame. Accountability involves getting down into the mess with people and loving them in the midst of it. Jesus models this all throughout his ministry. When he could have shamed or guilted people for the sins they’ve struggled with or the habits they’ve found themselves stuck in, instead, he stood with them.

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2. Why does it REALLY Matter?

Accountability is all about the heart! We can all fall into a pattern of behaviour modification where we focus more on doing the right things than becoming the right person. True accountability really matters because it asks the hard question: how’s your heart? When we focus on behaviour modification alone, we miss the opportunity to go deeper and really allow God to transform our hearts.

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3. How Can YOU Get it?

Find the people who continually show up for you in your life. Through the highs and the lows, find people who are consistent and steady and who are willing to sit in your mess with you. Learn to ask the hard heart questions and not just the surface level questions about how you’re doing. Find the people in your life who are pursuing Jesus and who love like Jesus and lean into those relationships.

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