Accountability. Why does it matter? How do you get it? Today on the Podcast we’ve done something different. We’ve asked five different people why accountability matters, and how to go about getting it in your own life. We hope it’s a conversation starter because we believe this topic is huge! Head on over to our Young Church Leaders Facebook Group to keep a conversation going.



Show Notes

Takeaways from the Episode

1. Why Does it Matter?

  • In isolation, each of us becomes the worst version of ourselves. Accountability keeps us engaged in meaningful community.
  • Nobody can be their own mirror. We all need people who are willing and able to speak deep truth into our lives.
  • Accountability allows you to accurately assess where your heart is at. Proverbs 4 talks about how all our actions flow from the condition of our heart. It’s important to be able to develop your heart and the first step in getting anywhere is figuring out where you are right now.
  • Accountability leads to greater humility.
  • Accountability focuses on the good and the bad. We often focus our accountability on stopping the bad habits in our lives. Accountability should also focus on the good parts of who we are and call us into our greater identity in Christ.
  • Accountability allows us to bring holiness into our lives and the lives of others. We are made for relationship.

2. How to Get It.

  • Ask for it. You won’t get honest feedback from people unless you ask for it. Give people around you permission to speak into your life. We often get bogged down in finding the right and only accountability partner. The simplest way to find accountability is to ask people in your everyday life to hold you accountable.
  • Receive it. You need to be willing to listen and be open to hearing honest feedback about your actions and your heart.
  • Find accountability in community. Surround yourself with family and friends who will naturally hold you accountable and regularly check up on you.
  • Find someone who is trustworthy, loving and honest. You need to find someone who is more willing to care about you than your friendship. What that means is this: they’re willing to challenge you, push you and be honest with you.


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Nobody can be their own mirror Click To Tweet

Having people around you who hold you accountable will help you succeed Click To Tweet

Accountability builds trust and humility Click To Tweet

The Christian life is not to be led alone Click To Tweet


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