There is one specific moment that happens every so often when I know accountability is doing its job.

Many accountability relationships are driven by questions.

Sometimes we confess certain things before we are asked about them, but usually, we wait to be asked.

We like to hide our sins, struggles, and insecurities. Everyone does. We’ve been doing it ever since Adam and Eve decided to hide from God one day in the Garden.

There is a sweet spot in questions of accountability. On one side of the sweet spot are questions that we will answer quickly and without much hesitation.

On the other side of the sweet spot are things or topics you just won’t answer.

Maybe it’s so deep and dark that you only feel comfortable talking to a professional about it. Maybe it’s in an area that you and the one holding you accountable haven’t agreed to explore yet.

The sweet spot is right in between those types of reactions in ourselves.

Do you want to know the sweet spot of accountability? When it’s really working?

It’s when you groan.

The groan that says…
I was hoping I wouldn’t be asked about this.
I’ve been wanting to avoid this issue.
How did you know this was the one thing I wanted to hide?

The Holy Spirit uses timing to let us know He’s working.

If you find yourself groaning as the first response to a question from someone holding you accountable, it means the timing is right for you to enter into the mess and let someone help you.

Pay attention to the groans.