Brady is the founder and CEO of Pro Church Tools, an online resource to help you develop skills to reach people online. Brady used his passion for church media to start Pro Church Tools, Nucleus – a new way to build church websites, and Storytape which gives users access to stock video footage from around the world. Brady is an entrepreneur and leader who noticed a shift in communication and is working hard to help local church leverage that shift to reach more people.


Welcome to episode 25 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


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Takeaways from the Episode

1. Seize the 167

You have 168 hours in your week. The church typically focuses on roughly one hour a week but with the advent of the internet, we now have access to people throughout the week, and them us. Pro Church Tools helps churches seize the other 167 hours throughout your week to reach more people. It’s also just a great motto for church leaders including your emotional and spiritual health! What are you doing each day to seize the other 167 hours in your week?

2. What Works Here Might Not Work There…

Brady talks about learning the lesson that just because something might work in one area of your life doesn’t mean it will work in all areas of your life. In particular, he shares his experience realizing that just because being mathematical, research-driven and focused on data points has helped him grow his business and stay healthy physically, doesn’t mean those same tactics will necessarily help him be the best husband and father. I love that. You can’t simply draw up a formula and expect it to work in all situations, you need to be aware of how different situations require different responses and approaches.

3. Staying Physically Healthy Helps Protect your Spiritual and Emotional Health

Having enough energy to make it through your day and be present with those who matter most is so important. Brady highlights how physical health has helped him do just that. What habits are you working into your everyday routine to promote physical health?

Quotes from this episode

Seize the 167! Click To TweetJust because something works in one area of life doesn’t mean it will work in another Click To TweetIt’s never been easier to start something new Click To Tweet

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