Joy is a mother, wife, leader, pastor, mentor and artist. She has a passion for the local church and for developing a heart that pursues Jesus. Today on the podcast, Joy and I sit down to discuss what she’s been learning during a unique season of resting in God. Welcome to episode 17 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast.

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Takeaways from the Episode


Be attentive to the voice of God in every season to see what he has to say. When you are considering a major life transition follow his voice and leading in the small and simple things he asks you to do. He may have you start with a simple conversation, which will lead to something else. Follow the voice of God.


When God brought the Israelites into the desert he called them there so they would know they belong to him. When you are in “desert” seasons don’t forget to depend on God and delight in him. In those seasons God is often teaching us to learn to put our relationship with him first which will benefit us so much more later.


You are always going to move toward whatever your hope is in. Is your hope in your next ministry event or in Jesus? If you are hoping in ministry success, then that is what you will seek after. If you are putting your hope in Jesus, then that is what you will seek after


Quotes from this episode

“Truth exists whether we speak or not, but when we speak it we have power to act on it” Click To Tweet

“The whole reason he sent Jesus to die was to be united with me” Click To Tweet

“You are always moving toward whatever your hope is in” Click To Tweet


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