Drake currently serves as the Executive Pastor at gateway.ac and the Founder of boldcupofcoffee.com. As well as a speaker, writer and leadership coach/consultant. Drake is passionate about seeing people thrive and come alive. To BELONG, wrestle with what they BELIEVE and BECOME people FULL OF LOVE, FUELLED BY FAITH, and ADDICTED TO HOPE.

Drake is also a life learner and loves being challenged to think deeper and grow further. One of his favorite things to do is spend a good amount of time in a good café or coffee shop with a good book or engaging conversation. To be able to share in someone else’s journey and experience is always a pleasure and an honor.

Welcome to episode 16 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!

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In every department have someone who is giving professional care and someone giving pastoral care. Care about them on a professional level by equipping them to accomplish the job they are trying to accomplish. But it’s also equally important to care about them as people by knowing what’s going on in their life. Every volunteer should be asked “How are you doing?”


Everybody you will lead will require differently levels of clarity. Some will require you to do more hand holding than others and that’s not a bad thing. Regardless of how I am wired I need to learn to adapt more to the people I am leading. I need to study my people by simply asking them “What do you need?” Be a student and servant of those who follow you.


You don’t have to know it all! Success in ministry is not really dependent on what you know, or even what you can do. Success in ministry is more dependent on your ability to find the right people and put them in places where they can shine. Once you’ve got people in those roles support and encourage them as much as you possibly can and things will grow.


Quotes from this episode

“My senior pastors job is to get everyone on the ship, my job (Executive Pastor) is keeping the ship from falling apart till we get there” Click To Tweet

“I didn’t set out to grow big churches, I set out to grow big people” Click To Tweet

“Your dream team is in front of you, you just need to be willing to start digging, drilling and seeing where that is” Click To Tweet


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