Jeremy serves at Connexus Church north of the Toronto, Canada as the Campus Pastor for their Orillia site. Jeremy is often described as an excited, positive, and organized person. He seeks adventure, whether it’s living out of a tent for a month and a half while travelling across the US and Canada, or renting an aeroplane in an elaborate plan to propose to Chantal.


In this episode, we talk about learning and leading with high-capacity leaders, pursuing work and family with passion.

Welcome to episode 12 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


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Takeaways from the Episode

1. Excellence is a resource

If you find yourself in an excellent environment that makes you feel in over your head view that excellence as a resource. The excellence that you are surrounded with can be an opportunity to learn and grow to become more excellent. For example, if you are in a church that really values drive to grow numbers, and that stresses you out, go to people who have succeeded in that organization and ask them to teach you what works for them.

2. Value health

Especially in an organization that values exponential growth, it is important to keep things simple. Do a few things with excellence rather than a lot of things just ok. Create space in your week to do things that rest and recharge you personally and your ministry.

3. Make sure people are cared for

Value the time you get to communicate with volunteers throughout the week. Even if you get to talk to people on their commute to work that time is valuable. As you grow it’s important to recruit more people to do all the tasks you are doing, but also to give away responsibility over certain areas in your ministry.

4. Habits for a healthy heart

Spend time in the word and prayer. Eat healthily. If you are married, try to not bring your day-to-day ministry conflicts into your relationship.

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