Joe is the husband to an incredibly talented artist and justice-seeker, Joann; dad to their fun-loving, music-playing son, Asher; and best friend to their dog, Leigh. Joe is loves being outdoors and travelling and enjoys all things music and sports. Joe serves as Associate Pastor at Bothell UMC in Seattle.

He has travelled around the world as a speaker, workshop leader and facilitator, encouraging people of faith to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God.

In this episode, we talk about leading in a large church as an associate pastor, carving out time and prioritizing family, and ministries that focus on healing in a broken world.

Welcome to episode 10 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


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Takeaways from the Episode

1. Growing Up the Child of a Pastor

Joe talks about not wanting to become a pastor because he comes from a long line of pastors. I think that’s a fairly common tendency. Here’s one of the reasons he names. I think if we address these things, we can create a better vision of the church for our children and families.

“I can be sick for school but I can’t be sick for church” There is an expectation put on a pastor and pastor’s family to serve our needs…every last one of them. That’s just not possible.

Joe also brings up a good point now having a son of his own. He doesn’t want his own kid to grow up hating the church or living into the typical “Pastor’s kid” stereotypes. His number one piece of advice: spend time with family and make sure your family knows that they are your number one priority.

Here are some other things Joe names as strategies for prioritizing family.

Carve out dedicated family time. For Joe, this is late afternoons through dinner. Find a time that works for you and your family to be together.

Be very careful about what you say about the church in front of or with your family.

2. Churches Can and SHOULD be Learning From Secular Companies and Organizations

Recently Joe spent some time learning from Nike and Mcmenamins about how to create organizations and culture that reach people. Mcmenamins is a chain of restaurants that open in old buildings after revamping them to make them Invitational and attractive places to gather.

Innovation is a buzzword in the Church and yet it’s something we struggle with daily. We try to be innovative and yet we hold so tightly onto our own image of Christianity, often to the detriment of reaching people. Joe asks, “Are we culturally relevant today? It’s probably not always or even often the case.” How do we continue to be innovative for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom?

One way is to learn from companies and organizations that are already doing it. What organizations do you know that the Church could and maybe should learn from?

3. How Can the Church Work for Justice and Healing in a Divided World?

There is a difference between doing justice and experiencing the change in heart that radically alters our view of “Us” and “Them.” When we stop thinking, seeing and saying “Us” and “Them” we begin the true work of healing. When we cross lines and boundaries and begin to listen to others’ stories you can’t help but begin to love them as created by God.

Joe levels a challenge to the church and it’s this: “Can we see the humanity in each other? Period.” If that is our starting point we can begin to create and build communities of hope, and healing.

4. Look Beyond Our Walls

As the Church, if we are going to be a place of refuge for people and a place of restoration and hope, we need to look beyond our walls. Who are our conversation partners? Who do we engage? Who do we create conversation and community with? The Church needs to get out into our communities and know peoples’ stories and grow to become more representative of our communities.

5. Prayer, Relationship and Self-Study

These are the three big habits that Joe keeps implemented in his life in order to stay grounded and remind himself that ministry is bigger than him.

What are your habits that remind you of the same thing?

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