It’s amazing how far a little kindness can go. A kind word or simple act can turn someone’s crummy day into an awesome one

With the fast pace of life, you can lose perspective on the people around you.  You might have a pulse on their demeanor, but you can neglect to engage yourself in their day.

Those you will come in contact with need your kindness today more than you’ll ever know.

You have the power to change the trajectory of their day by caring intentionally for them. If you are ready to make someone’s day awesome…. try any of the following.

1. Coffee Makes Everything All Right.

Mornings can be rough. If life has been difficult for those around you, starting the day with purpose and positivity can be a challenge.

If you want someone’s day to be awesome… buy them coffee. Better yet, buy them their favorite drink. (Hint… you’ll have to find out what that is. And no it doesn’t need to be a surprise. Sometimes it’s actually more meaningful to ask them what they would like. This also helps them to know you didn’t just grab free “wrong order” drink the barista from Starbucks offered you.)

Above all, the sweet nectar of mocha communicates… “I was thinking about you and wanted you to be happy.”

There is someone powerful about wanting someone’s day to start off in an awesome way. If you want their day to be awesome, maybe they will strive to make that a reality for themselves.

2. Stop and Help.

You most likely have seen a co-worker,  stranger, child, or parent struggling to do a task you know you could help with. But your excuses were probably many.

  • You were on your way to the next meeting
  • You had one too many deadlines
  • You really needed to focus, you were too tired, or you just didn’t feel like

But if you would bite the bullet and just help, you would see a human who was once filled with stress or hurried isolation become a soul grateful to be noticed.

Serving someone when it’s not convenient for you communicates you are not too busy for them.


3. Celebrate 

Everybody should be recognized when they do well.

Today, find an opportunity to celebrate someone during lunch, at the meeting, or just in passing. And the best celebration is…

  • Specific.… What did they do and how did they do it?
  • Personal…. How did it impact you? What did it make you think or feel?
  • Always Genuine…  Are there strings attached? Do you really mean it?

4. Listen

Get this… the best part of someone’s day might be your presence and willingness to hear them out. There is such life giving power is being attentive.

People will feel loved if they feel heard. Because when people feel heard, they become known.

Today you have the power to help someone feel known and accepted by giving them your attentive ear. You don’t need answers. You don’t need to give advice. You simply need to listen.

Awesome days are built upon the security of being heard, known and accepted.

5. I Enjoy You.

We don’t say it enough. I know why. Because it’s awkward. It’s awkward to say that you enjoy working with, living with, or simply knowing someone.

However, there is enormous potential in the hearts of those who hear these words… “I enjoy you. I enjoy working with you. I enjoy being with you. You are a great friend. You just made my day.”

Say it however you want, but SAY IT! Tell someone you enjoy them and then watch their face. Watch the corners of their mouth. Watch their eyes. Watch as their body language changes because I promise you, though they might try to hide it…

You are making their day awesome. 


These are just a few ways to make someone’s day awesome. But I’d love to hear what else we can do. Scroll down and leave an idea below. If it’s been repeated, say it anyway. Means it’s important!