Frank is the CEO of Phase Family Centers and Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange / The reThink Group. He is driven to develop leaders to reach their full potential. Frank is married to Jess and together they have four children.


In this episode we talk about the myth of balance and what you can do to lead with integrity at work and at home.

Welcome to episode 7 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


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Takeaways from the Episode

1. Balance is a Myth

The people that claim to have balance are usually unemployed or are in a place in their career where they can completely control their schedule. In almost every season of life balance is impossible to achieve. Especially in ministry, there will always be moments that you need to give your attention to and that you can’t schedule. This doesn’t mean you don’t pursue organization or a clear schedule. What it does mean is that you come up with a plan to deal with the unscheduled exceptions.

2. When This, Then That

Take a look at the most common “ministry moments” or unscheduled interruptions that come up in your day, week, or month. Once you’ve determined those moments that will happen, figure out how you are going to communicate those things or handle those things in a healthier way. For example: WHEN you have a hospital visit that takes 5 hours, THEN come into work later then next day. You need to determine what these things are with your spouse and supervisors.

3. Balance ISN’T the Goal

Balance means that you have to treat everything equally, much like a gymnast standing on a balance beam. But life isn’t like that because sometimes you fail, and sometimes you fall down. THE GOAL is to not be a balance beam gymnast, but rather to view life is a gymnast mat. Life is the mat and it is your job to maneuver around the mat in an effective way for you, your family, and what is healthy. Sometimes you can get knocked down on the mat but you can always get back up and try again to be more effective.

4. Fill Your Tank

Make time for friends, being poured into by other leaders, and anything else that is life giving to you OTHER than ministry. If you are in ministry for the long haul you need to make sure that you are getting poured into as well, otherwise you will run hard, run out of gas, and burn out. Make time for things that fill you up so that you can go the distance in your ministry career.

5. Don’t Come Sideways Into Your Quiet Time with God

When you come to spend quite time with God do intentional things to help you be in the moment with him, rather than being distracted by what is going on in your world. Maybe listen to a sermon, read a psalm, do a guided prayer, or listen to music to help you be focused on what God wants to speak to you.

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Balance is no more real than the Yeti Click To Tweet

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I don't read without a pen in my hand Click To Tweet

I don't mind my quiet time being interrupted with a conversation about the things of God Click To Tweet

Sit down with people who are going to have a hard time with change and ask them what they love about today Click To Tweet

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