Andrew Beal serves as Pastor to students. He’s in his sweet spot when he’s guiding students in discovering their unique identity and purpose in living a Jesus-centered life. Andrew also serves as content manager for and helps the team hold onto the vision to help leaders grow by developing their hearts first. Andrew has a passion for writing and leading leaders.

Welcome to episode 6 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!

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“Symptoms of a Leadership Junkie”

Takeaways from the Episode

1. Leading Up

You can lead the people who are above you in authority. Leadership is influence, so ask yourself “How am I influencing my supervisor?” Think about how you can best communicate with your supervisor when you disagree. Consider yours and their personality type. Put yourself in their shoes and try and imagine how they would like to be communicated to. If you are in a healthy relationship with them ask them directly! If you hit a wall in figuring this out just ask yourself (or them) “how can I make my bosses job easier?”

2. Being a Young Church Leader is Easier Today, Except…

Being a young church leader is easier now than it ever has been in a lot of ways. Young church leaders have access to virtually unlimited resources and community than ever before. Young leaders also have more of a voice, that needs to be used and developed. However young leaders have probably more impatience than ever before, they want it done “now.” This can be a healthy thing but it can also make it frustrating when it is not tempered with the ability to rest and slow down when needed. Don’t try and do too much too fast, it’s ok to slow down and think about the few things you can really do well.

3. Combating Being a Leadership Junkie

Because of the large amount of leadership content available it’s easy to “overdose” on what’s out there. Make sure that first and foremost you are reading God’s word and letting that guide you. If you overdose on leadership content it’s easy to have leadership paralysis and not actual live out what you are learning. Do a heart check and see how much you are putting into practice from what you are learning. If you aren’t putting into practice most of what you’re learning just take a break (not permanent) from leadership content and just go do what you know you should do!

4. It’s All About Relationship

As a young leader it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the new tasks you are given or put on your plate. However, in the midst of all that you must remember that the reason you are where you are is to minister to people. People who are broken, hurting, and are going through real everyday issues. Take some time to pause to remember who the people are in your church community and what they are going through.

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How can I make the other guys job easier? Click To Tweet

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Here is a reminder, God is with you, just rest in his presence. Click To Tweet

The more I get away from holy disciplines, the more I become the worst version of myself Click To Tweet

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