Micaiah and Brian and Tanck did something unusual in ministry. They graduated from seminary, got married, moved to a new State and began leading in a local church. Today they talk about navigating personal change, professional ministry, marriage, and leadership

all while pursuing Jesus’ heart. They’re honest, real, vulnerable and encouraging. And you’re going to love what they have to say!

Welcome to episode 4 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!

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Takeaways from the Episode

1.  Intentionally Put Something Down

You can’t do everything well. One of the challenging things in ministry is learning that even good ideas are not necessarily the right ideas. This is equally as true in our personal lives. One of the best thing you can do for your health as a leader is not overcommit yourself. Challenge for the week ahead: is there something that God is calling you to put down in order to spend better time with your family, more time in a particular ministry, or more time with Jesus? Think about it and comment below!

2. All of Stress is Shared Stress

If you’re in shared ministry with a spouse; professional or volunteer, you’ll know that all of your stress is shared stress. Brian and Micaiah shared so openly and honestly that their marriage is affected by their ministry and vice versa. Here’s the suggestion: your work and home life have to be distinct from each other. Something that I’ve been working on in the past year has been pursuing ministry with passion and my home life with passion. It’s not about finding balance, it’s about pursuing each with passion.

3. Sabbath

Brian and Micaiah suggest something profound, sabbath is not simply time off, sabbath is time orienting your spiritual life toward Jesus. As pastors and church leaders we can easily convince ourselves that our work qualifies as time with God. Here’s the reality, it’s not. At youngchurchleaders.org we’re all about pursuing the heart of Jesus and that’s exactly what Brian and Micaiah suggest doing. Pursue Jesus. Remember too, it can look different for different people. Some journal, read, write, sing, paint, exercise, build things. It’s about finding something that you can do that positions you to be met by Jesus.

4. Creating Narrative Cycles in the Life of a Church

Motivation has to be practical. One of the suggestions that Brian and Micaiah gave was to tell stories that make ministry real for your church. It’s one thing to say, “There are hundreds of kids in our own town who need our help.” It’s an entirely different thing to put a name and a face to one child and invite people into ministry together. Open up as many avenues for people to serve in the local community and begin doing the practice of ministry. This can be hard for leaders because it means every job might not be done as well as you yourself would do them. Sure it can be high risk, but it can also mean high reward. Leaders need to give up the idea that the pastor is the, “doer of ministry,” and begin to equip people for the doing of ministry. Invite your people to be a part of  the best part of ministry and see what happens.

5. Final Thought: Fun and Humour Have a Place in Church!

Humour, laughter, and joy have a place in church and in worship. So laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh at yourself and laugh with each other.

Quotes from this episode

Sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh at yourself... Click To TweetYou're not called to be a pastor all the time but, you are called to be a Christian all of the time. Click To TweetSabbath rest is not just time off, it's time oriented toward Jesus Click To Tweet


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