It is possible to be too focused on leadership.

Being young and having a role in the local church, you have likely been in leadership conversations for a while. Maybe you’ve been developed by an older leader to take more responsibility and influence in your context. Perhaps you read as many books on leadership you can get your hands on. There’s a solid chance that you listen to podcasts on leadership on your way to and from work.

Leadership is and has been a subject of great fascination in the church, and rightfully so. People want to know what defines a leader, they want to know what separates a good leader from a great one, and they want to know how they can become a leader themselves. We just can’t get enough of this leadership thing!

And it may or may not be a problem for some of us.

A few years ago at a conference, I heard a well-known Christian and church leader refer to himself as a “leadership junkie” and he did so with great pride and a smile on his face.

A leadership junkie? Really?

I grew up understanding that being a junkie was a bad thing, but this guy presenting himself as being obsessed with and addicted to leadership drew respect and admiration from the crowd.

As important as leadership is, I think we can focus too much of our attention and energy on the topic. Being involved in ministry at some level for more than a decade, I have seen so many people who could be described as leadership junkies.

Is there a downside? Is this even a bad thing? I think so.

If you’re a leadership junkie, it means you run the risk of overdosing. The idea of overdosing on leadership may sound dramatic, but the truth is many people turn leadership into an idol and worship at its altar on a regular basis.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing—even leadership. So what are some signs you may be overdosing on leadership?

Signs You May Be Overdosing on Leadership

  1. You think more about leadership than you do Jesus.
  2. You care more about implementing a strategy than developing people.
  3. You crave the words of your favorite leader more than the words of Scripture.
  4. You reject leadership resources if you haven’t heard of the author before.
  5. You aren’t actually doing anything that leadership books, podcasts, etc. are telling you.
  6. Your best ideas are strictly theoretical and not field-tested.
  7. You think you need to lead all the time.
  8. You’re restless if you’re not in charge.
  9. You change your habits and productivity hacks anytime something new presents itself.
  10. You’re increasingly concerned if others see you as a great leader.

Overdosing on anything is unhealthy—even something as important as leadership.

Would anyone in your life be able to call you a “leadership junkie?” Are you okay with that? Scroll down and tell us which sign you most relate with.