Why does your heart matter as a leader? If it matters so much, what can you do to develop your heart? These are some of questions that led Josh Pezold to start youngchurchleaders.org. At youngchurchleaders.org we believe your leadership development starts with the heart. Here’s an inside look on why we do what we do!

Welcome to episode 2 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!

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4 Takeaways from the Episode

1. Prayer is a First Way of Being

Josh talks about how prayer was the main reason for church growth at BridgePointe Christian Church. We often focus so much on strategy, and don’t get me wrong, strategy is great, but in the Church it tends to fall flat without prayer. Even around the blog, Josh’s first position was prayer. What prayers are you praying as a young church leader?

2. Why Youngchurchleaders.org?

One of the main reasons that Josh decided to start Young Church Leaders.org was because God placed a burden on his heart to help other young church leaders grow their heart. There is a ton of content at our fingertips that talk about leadership, but for the most part this content focuses on competency. We don’t really see a lot of content focused on developing the leader’s heart. At Young Church Leaders.org we believe that leadership development begins with the heart and begins with becoming the right person. When you focus on becoming the right person, you will inevitably do the right thing.

Scripturally, we see this in the story of David. What prepared David to become king was his heart. You can read more about it here: 1 Samuel 16.

3. Best Piece of Advice?

What’s Josh’s best piece of advice for young church leaders? Train your heart to go to Jesus. At times you don’t know what you don’t know. Until you’ve trained your heart to go to Jesus on a daily basis before anything else, you’re missing out on what Jesus has in store for you.

4. The First15

Give your best to Jesus. Take time in scripture and be willing to sacrifice in order to spend time with Jesus. Ask yourself this question: What is Jesus teaching you? If you can’t answer that question, challenge yourself: are you spending enough time listening?

What about you?

What is Jesus teaching you? Comment below and keep the conversation going.

Quotes from this episode

If you become the right person you will inevitably do some right things. Click To TweetUntil you care for someone's heart they aren't going to care about what you know. Click To TweetTrain your heart to go to Jesus first. Click To TweetWhat is Jesus teaching you? Click To Tweet

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