*This is the second of a three-part series looking at common questions young church leaders often interact with.

 In my first post in this series, I presented a common question that has to do with how we share truth with others, whether it comes from the stage or in a one-on-one interaction. Click here to read on getting around the pressure of being profound and pursue the habit of being clear and practical. 

Some young church leaders have been gifted with directional and strategic leadership. They can see a goal or destination that needs to be reached and know the steps and obstacles that need to be addressed in order to reach said goal.

Personally, I feel more at home in a behind-the-scenes, strategic sort of role. I enjoy my time when I get to teach a large group from a stage, but I doubt I could do it week in and week out without getting bored with it!

Those who do this on a regular basis tend to be very people-oriented. Because of my gifting in administration and future-mindedness, I tend to be more task-oriented instead of people-oriented.

There are types of conversations that directional and strategic leaders flock to. An eternal question that pops up in boardrooms, conferences, and staff retreats has to do with church growth.

Everyone wants their ministry to grow so we devote conversations and planning sessions to asking the ‘How” question. How many times have you been around this question:

How can I grow my church/ministry?

This is a strategy question, and if there is going to be conflict within a team it is likely going to surround how you go about reaching a goal.

It has been said that most everyone can agree about the mission and vision of a church/ministry, but everyone has vastly different opinions on the steps needed to achieve them. And depending on who is in the room, there may be those who want to go too fast or even cut corners in order to get the growth everyone wants.

Let me offer a possible way around this temptation…

Common Question: How can I grow my church/ministry?

Why We Ask It: We want more and more people to be impacted by the Gospel message and a leadership guru once told you that healthy things grow. Also, if you don’t grow the church the elders say they’re going to fire you.

The Slippery Slope:

  1. You might begin to see people as numbers or objects.
  2. You might adopt a “the end justifies the means” mindset. Such a mindset is rarely, if ever, Jesus honoring.

New Question: How can I tell more people about Jesus?

The Benefit: You reclaim the question you or your team should have been asking all along. If we put titles and positions to the side, this is the mission of all Jesus followers.

There is no bigger or more paramount question than this one. Also, if you ask this question before you ask the “how can we grow” question, you’ll likely come up with even more creative ideas!


What do you think would happen if you introduced this question to your team the next time you talked about growing your church or ministry?