Today is my day off. Friday’s are usually pretty much the same. Up around 6am, feeding our daughter breakfast by 7am, half hour later she’s off to daycare.

I love our daughter dearly, but it’s nice to have a day to myself.


The backpack.

There is something incredibly invigorating to me about packing it. With each item I put inside there are hopes and dreams that go along with them.

  • Experiencing rest
  • Encountering purpose
  • Creating something new and exciting

My guess is you’re the same way. You plan for adventure, purpose, relaxation…

But the reality is,

I usually carry too much in my backpack. 

The book I was going to read stays inside. The journal I was hoping to fill still has blank pages. And the exciting new projects are often more complicated and demanding than expected.

I know I’m not alone in this. If you’re a dreamer like me, when your backpack is too full, your heart tends to stray toward disappointment.

There is a part of us that feels incomplete as we leave so much untouched. So much potential just waiting to be experienced.

Our lives are often like backpacks. We fill them to the brim and hope they hold up under the pressure.

In 1952, Dick Kelty invented the aluminum frame backpack and completely changed how people hike. A hiking enthusiast  himself, Kelty wanted to explore with a level of comfort others had never dreamed of before.

For Kelty, actualizing this comfort would have very little to do with what filled his bag, but everything to do with what held it all together.

Today, your hopes, dreams, and everyday realities might be determining the level of joy you are experiencing. But…

The joy you experience in life can never be defined by what fills it, but who holds it all together.

Jesus can hold my life together so much better than I can. He has the ability to manage my dreams with a clarity I’ll never possess. His enwrapping presence tells me what He chooses to entrust me with today and what He determines to hold for a future season. Jesus holds it all together. Especially when I’m carrying too much.

Today, I most likely won’t accomplish everything I’d like to, but you can count on the fact that I will enwrap myself in the ONE who holds everything together. May I graciously suggest you do the same.

What about you? Are you carrying too much? What are you learning during this season?