Fifteen minutes with your creator can change the course of your entire day. If we’re honest, though, spending time with God is often the furthest thing from our minds. What if there was a simple way to change this?

The First 15 is about making it your first priority to spend 15 minutes a day with God in Bible study and prayer. It may sound intimidating, but this simple commitment could change everything about your day.

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Can you imagine what would happen if every Christian on the planet began to make it their first priority to spend 15 minutes a day with God in Bible study and prayer? Everything would change. However, many have no idea where to begin.

4 Week Class 

What:  The First 15 Class is a four week, hour and half class, designed to help people make it their first priority to spend 15 minutes a day with God in Bible study and prayer. Each week highlights one component to make the most out of your time. (Week #1 Scripture, Week #2 Observation, Week #3 Application, and Week #4 Prayer)

This class been taught to over 100 individuals in 2015 from BridgePointe.  Many of whom have never read the Bible or have felt discouraged in their attempts. Below you’ll find resources for you to use ABSOLUTELY FREE.

What’s Included: Prezi presentations (, handouts, booklets, guides, sermon links, and more.

Future Updates: I will regularly be updating this page with resources as I continue to teach the class.  If you need anything feel free to contact me. For now, read a few stories below from people who’ve taken the class.

“The first 15 class was the first time I had ever read the Bible and I found it hard to understand it. But I learned how to pick out the important parts of the chapter the way Josh showed us to and little by little I’ve found it much easier. Sometimes it’s hard to put it down. ”

“My relationship with God has grown through the hope, deliverance, mercy and grace depicted throughout scripture. I have grown to have more of a father daughter relationship governed with love where before I held it more as a boss and employee relationship.”

“I loved the first 15 class because of how organized it was. Having everything explained really helped me grasp it. Taking the class has made me aware of my time with God and how it is spent. I’m more aware of the quality of my time than I was before.”


Whether you are teaching the First 15 class or just looking for yourself, check out the resources below. If you have a need or recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask. Praying this helps you purse God’s heart like never before.

*Note: These resources were created primarily for BridgePointe Christian Church. You’ll find a majority of our branding and language on them throughout. If you want them without branding we might be able to help with that.