Author: Josh Pezold

4 Ways Young Church Leaders Can Pursue God’s Heart

Following Jesus is a messy adventure. We go from living our lives based upon feelings of the moment, to surrendering each day to His Lordship. This journey of surrender is a messy one. We have seasons of victory evidenced by spiritual fruit. Others, are marked by regret for allowing the flesh to rule our hearts once again. This new life in Christ is secured by the covering of Jesus, but also a daily process of shaping our hearts to WANT what Jesus WANTS. As young church leaders, this process continues. Our hearts are still in the process of being...

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Infertility: Our Opportunity to Love & Trust Jesus More

Infertility. This word probably stirs within you a variety of emotions. Pain, sadness, and frustration to name a few. For others, this word might mean very little. But for me, usually when I hear it, I only think of time. Families who’ve waited days, months, and years. Thousands of families who have experienced this excruciating season of waiting for the joy of bearing children. For many, this season is longer than others, but everyone who has felt its wrath knows the pain. My wife and I were no exception. Struggling with infertility was an emotional roller coaster, but during...

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Three Ways To Serve Your Family Without Adding More On Your Plate.

Serving our family is of utmost importance. However, sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in day to do this well. After a long day at work, or a stressful day corralling the kids, it can be difficult to muster enough emotional energy to do something extra for those we love. However, what if you were able to serve those closest to you more effectively without adding anything to your calendar? What if all that was needed wasn’t more time, but simply a change in perspective and attention? Keep reading for three ways you can make that a...

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Top 8 Things I’ve Learned While Being Mentored by Carey Nieuwhof

For the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored by one of the most influential leaders in the church world. Carey Nieuwhof is the founding pastor of Connexus Church, author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and all around… a wicked smart guy. Through 1-hr monthly Skype calls and an awesome weekend trip to his home this past summer, I’ve grown to learn so much from him. Besides being wicked smart, he’s genuinely a great guy that loves helping the local church. How I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes of his time and how that eventually turned...

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