Author: Josh Pezold

7 Signs You Are Ready to Lead Others

Leadership can be a scary thing, especially when leading others is relatively new to you. Stepping into a new role where your main responsibility is caring for and coaching others is a big responsibility that no one should take lightly. However, knowing when you’re ready to lead can be tricky. You might ask yourself… Do I have what it takes? Will people listen to me? How will I know when I’m ready? All these questions and more are common before stepping into leadership. Today I want to suggest 7 Signs that indicate you are ready to lead others. They...

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Character Workout: 6 Daily Practices To Improve Your Spiritual Health

Character is rarely intentionally developed. We often hope to form it on the fly, and neglect to give it daily attention. Instead, our focus and attention is often upon developing the skills and knowledge to advance in our careers or hobbies. We forget that everything we dream of doing will flow from our hearts. Who we are will always control what we do and how we do it. Who you are becoming should always be given more attention than the ministry or work strategies you are adopting. If you become the right person, you’ll inevitably do some right things....

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4 Ways to Overcome Fear In Your Life

Most likely, you’ve experienced fear in some area of your life. Usually these fears are relatively mild and don’t affect your life with any real significance. Your fear of heights or spiders probably won’t drastically impact the course of your days. However, some fears greatly impact what you do and how you do it. Fear can be debilitating and stop you from fulfilling or even starting the goals and dreams you so desperately want to accomplish. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Go to school? Apply for that job? Lead? Speak? Date? Trust? This question is one...

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3 Clues To Distinguish What God’s Voice Feels Like

God’s voice is a mysterious thing. For some people, God’s voice seems impossible to hear, and for others they speak as if they hear it everyday. Most likely you’ve wrestled with how to discern if God is speaking to you. What does God sound like? How do I distinguish His voice from my own? Am I just putting my words in God’s mouth? Your questions are not uncommon. For centuries, people have debated the answers to these questions because our hunger to know God is deeply rooted within us. In our pursuit for these answers,  it might be helpful to change...

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