Author: Josh Pezold

How to Find a Mentor: Step-by-Step Process

So you want a mentor, but have no idea how to find one. I can relate. For the past 15 years I’ve had to seek out every mentoring relationship I’ve ever had, and eventually formed a step-by-step process to determine who I want to speak into my life and how to make that happen. If you want a mentor, here are 8 steps you can take to find, land, and get the most out of your mentoring relationships.

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I Carry Too Much In My Backpack

Today is my day off. Friday’s are usually pretty much the same. Up around 6am, feeding our daughter breakfast by 7am, half hour later she’s off to daycare. I love our daughter dearly, but it’s nice to have a day to myself. Then… The backpack. There is something incredibly invigorating to me about packing it. With each item I put inside there are hopes and dreams that go along with them. Experiencing rest Encountering purpose Creating something new and exciting My guess is you’re the same way. You plan for adventure, purpose, relaxation… But the reality is, I usually...

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5 Warnings Signs You’re Focusing TOO MUCH on Leadership.

Probably more than any other time in history, the Church is giving an enormous amount of attention to developing leaders. This emphasis on leadership development has resulted in an abundance of leadership material, shaping not only what you think and do, but who you are becoming. There is something incredibly pure in wanting to lead others for God’s purposes. Scripture is filled with the understanding that God uses leaders to propel the mission of the Gospel. Developing your leadership ability can be extremely God honoring. However, it can also be the most destructive thing you give your heart to....

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