Author: Grant Vissers

The most important thing I learned in my first year of ministry…(and marriage)

I always thought the most important thing I’d learn in my first year of ministry would be ministry related. And it is. But I thought I’d learn a skill, method or truth that would make me a better pastor, preacher, teacher or writer. Looking back, I did learn a lot in my first year out of seminary, but nothing came close to the single greatest thing I learned.

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How’s your Heart?

I experienced burnout in my first year of ministry. I talk about it here on the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership podcast. The scariest thing I experienced while burning out was what I can only describe as a flat heart. I wasn’t motivated or passionate about the work I was doing. My heart didn’t feel alive with the mission and vision of God. It’s a scary and humbling thing to admit. Pastors and leaders are burning out at record pace. I’m increasingly convinced it’s because we focus on what to do and not how to be as pastors and leaders. The most telling...

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Grant Vissers on Praying Leaders

(Guest post by Grant Vissers. Grant serves as associate pastor at St. Paul’s Leaskdale north of Toronto, Canada. Grant is passionate about connecting with and helping other church leaders.)  I recently preached at an induction service for a friend. He is beginning a new ministry as lead pastor of a church close to where I serve. He asked that I preach on prayer—something that got me thinking about the place of prayer in my life as a leader, and the place of prayer in the life of the church. If I’m honest, prayer is something that I need to...

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