Author: Grant Vissers

YCLP 004: Micaiah and Brian Tanck on Growing Together in Leadership

Micaiah and Brian and Tanck did something unusual in ministry. They graduated from seminary, got married, moved to a new State and began leading in a local church. Today they talk about navigating personal change, professional ministry, marriage, and leadership all while pursuing Jesus’ heart. They’re honest, real, vulnerable and encouraging. And you’re going to love what they have to say! Welcome to episode 4 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers! Show Notes Guest Links Find Micaiah on Facebook Find Brian on Facebook Scottsboro Cumberland Presbyterian Church Takeaways from the Episode 1.  Intentionally Put Something Down...

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YCLP 003: Rich Birch on Being Unreasonable and Taking Risks

Rich Birch has been on staff at multiple churches in both Canada and the United States. He currently serves as Executive Director of Camp Mini-Yo-We north of Toronto, Canada. He also writes a blog, hosts a podcast and coaches church leaders around the world. Rich has a heart for leaders, and especially young leaders. Today he talks about his journey in ministry and gives his best advice to young church leaders. Welcome to episode 3 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers! Show Notes Guest Links Follow Rich on Twitter, and Instagram. Find Rich on Facebook The...

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YCLP 002: Josh Pezold on Starting Young Church and Why Your Heart Matters

Why does your heart matter as a leader? If it matters so much, what can you do to develop your heart? These are some of questions that led Josh Pezold to start At we believe your leadership development starts with the heart. Here’s an inside look on why we do what we do! Welcome to episode 2 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers! Show Notes Congrats to the winners of the GLS Giveaway! If your name was announced don’t forget to get in touch with Grant on Facebook. Guest Links Follow Josh on Twitter, and Instagram....

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YCLP 001: Carey Nieuwhof on Pursuing Passion

Have you ever wondered how Carey Nieuwhof is a husband, and father, leads a church, writes a blog, hosts two podcasts, speaks internationally AND stays healthy? I asked him! Welcome to episode 1 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers! Show Notes Don’t forget about our GLS Giveaway!  Write a review on iTunes for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the next Global Leadership Summit! August 10-11, 2017 Guest Links Follow Carey on Twitter, and Instagram. Find Carey on Facebook To find The High Impact Leader course click on the image below Henri Nouwen’s “Genesee Diary” If...

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YCLP 000 Preview Episode: What to expect from the new podcast

Have you ever wondered how leaders develop their hearts and continue to grow in ministry? We have. Better still, we’ve asked them. At we are all about developing the leader’s heart! Welcome to the preview episode for the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers! We are excited you are here. Show Notes Every week we will publish Show Notes so that you don’t miss a thing; websites, books, and quotes. Check out the very first episode, including show notes, here. Guest Links Follow Grant on Twitter Quotes from this episode “As a leader, the first person...

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