Author: Andrew Beal

What My Mentor Told Me to Stop Doing

Sometimes we need some embarrassingly simple truth to bring us much needed clarity. My mentor Mark does that for me. He has been in my life for several years and our conversations flip between keeping track of the mile markers in my spiritual life and the leadership challenges and opportunities in my church context. In the way of leadership, Mark helps me the most with growing in my emotional intelligence, understanding organizational health, and how best to work with others who are way different than me. I was having breakfast with Mark a few months ago when he dropped...

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Reclaiming Servanthood as a Leader

There is so much pressure to perform and look the part when you’re a leader. One of the greatest pressures is to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” at all times because you’ve been taught that someone is always watching you. This pressure isn’t always a bad thing, but it can put us in a certain box if we’re not careful. One thing that can happen is we behave solely as a leader and we never look like a servant. Yes, they’re supposed to be the same thing, but we can forget and even ignore the servant part....

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10 Tips on Leading Up

If there is one thing a leader loves, it’s getting stuff done. Someone wise once put it like this,”Leaders have a bias toward action.” For the Church, when leaders take action it results in God’s people being equipped and empowered to make more disciples of Jesus. Nothing will ever be more important than this. As a leader you probably hate roadblocks to accomplishing this mission. And you also likely hate being told no when you feel it stops or stalls the progress. But what do you do when the obstacle seems to be another leader who is in authority over you?

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Rejecting the Pedestal

I love that I can be an example of a committed Jesus follower to those in my church. It means so much that different people look to me in this way. It is both humbling and honoring. You might be in a similar position. People might crave your wisdom, use the same devotionals that you use, or joke about how you have a direct phone line to God Himself. However, as with most aspects of church leadership, there is a danger attached to this. Just as many swords have a double edge and every coin has two sides, the danger...

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9 Things to Keep in Mind BEFORE You Lead Up

You’re enthusiastic. You’re innovative. You’re hungry. You have hustle and grit. You have vision, motivation, and drive. You have what it takes to make the dream become a reality. You want to make your church or ministry the best it can possibly be. There’s just one problem…
You’re young, inexperienced, and you feel like no one is interested in your ideas.

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