Author: Andrew Beal

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from the GLS

Humility is something that almost always sneaks up on you. Last week I attended the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) put on by the Willow Creek Association for the 5th time. This is an event I look forward to every year and I advocate for all leaders to go. It is extremely valuable and each year I walk away a better leader because of the wisdom of the respected speakers. This year was no different. Andy Stanley got my wheels turning in pursuing the “uniquely better.” Juliet Funt reminded me of the drawbacks of going too hard in the areas...

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Looking at the Allure of the Megachurch

Wouldn’t you love to work at a megachurch? Imagine being called upon to lend your influence to a church where hundreds and even thousands could benefit from you on a weekly basis. Doesn’t that sound like a place you want to end up? My first full-time ministry position out of college was as a middle school pastor in a church of about 3500. Over the course of 3 years, I served in a number of roles within that student ministry until God prompted me to resign my position for entirely healthy reasons. Looking back on my experience, I consider...

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Symptoms of a Leadership Junkie

It is possible to be too focused on leadership. Being young and having a role in the local church, you have likely been in leadership conversations for a while. Maybe you’ve been developed by an older leader to take more responsibility and influence in your context. Perhaps you read as many books on leadership you can get your hands on. There’s a solid chance that you listen to podcasts on leadership on your way to and from work. Leadership is and has been a subject of great fascination in the church, and rightfully so. People want to know what...

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What My Mentor Told Me to Stop Doing

Sometimes we need some embarrassingly simple truth to bring us much needed clarity. My mentor Mark does that for me. He has been in my life for several years and our conversations flip between keeping track of the mile markers in my spiritual life and the leadership challenges and opportunities in my church context. In the way of leadership, Mark helps me the most with growing in my emotional intelligence, understanding organizational health, and how best to work with others who are way different than me. I was having breakfast with Mark a few months ago when he dropped...

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