Author: Andrew Beal

5 Excellent Devotionals for Your Time with God

Sometimes spending time with God is harder than it has to be. Other times it seems like a holy conversation with Him is the easiest thing in the world.We all know what makes a good time with God as far as our personal selves go. Some people can only pray while walking outside and others have to sit in a quiet place so they don’t get distracted.Some people need to do it the first thing in the morning and others are naturally wired to be more receptive in the evenings. And still others never need any help knowing how...

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Bringing Your Blindspots Front and Center

No leader ever gets excited about dealing with their blindspots. Do you?   A few years ago, Bill Hybels opened up the Global Leadership Summit by talking about the “intangibles of leadership”, including self-awareness and blindspots.   Hybels reported that according to researchers, we all have about 3.4 blindspots.   Blindspots are those areas that we perceive ourselves to be good or even strong at, but everyone around us knows it couldn’t be farther from the truth.   Since that message, I have often thought of one of my ever-present blindspots—the effect my poker face has on other people....

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6 Tools and Practices to Guide Your 2018

We’re nine days into the new year. Have you decided what 2018 will be like for you? The team at Young Church Leaders has some ideas about what we can do to come alongside you with encouragement, wisdom, and resources the next twelve months. Since January brings along hopes and resolutions for the new year, we wanted to give attention to emotional health. Specifically, we want the month of January to be all about that double-edged sword we call self-awareness. Self-awareness is the extent to which you know the good, bad, and ugly about yourself along with how you...

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What God Really Needs From You

*this post is partly inspired by and a paraphrasing of the words of E.M. Bounds* We like taking the shortcut if we can get away with it. We’re always looking for the silver bullet, the easy answer, the cure-all to ministry challenges and woes. New strategies, new programs, creative staffing and the like to take Kingdom territory and give the gospel deeper roots in our context. We’ve been trained to think in ways that minimize the value of people. A leadership trend, for quite some time, has been to give our energies to the “vision” or the “organization.” Unfortunately,...

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